Prototype 101: Creating A Prototype Design For Your New Invention

An important step in the invention process is the creation and testing of a prototype. It is not only a useful tool in the marketing and licensing of your new invention but also can help you, as the inventor, to know if your idea really works. Whether put together from objects found around your home, manufactured by a third party, or even a created as a 3D printed model, many industry professionals consider an invention prototype an essential part of moving your idea to the next level.

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The former astronaut shares his views on the importance of innovation, collaboration, and leadership to the success of any project.

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Happy Easter, Inventor Friends!

How to Pitch an Idea or New Product to a Company

You have decided to pitch your idea or new product to a company. Are you feeling confident and energized by this prospect? Or are you nervous and unsure how to even begin? If you fit into the latter category, don’t despair. There are a number of inventors who feel the same way as you. Below we share some tips that show how to pitch an idea to a company.

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Nine Entrepreneur Tips All Business Owners Should Know

In the corporate world, the goal is to strive, not simply survive. Leading entrepreneurs depend on a core set of guidelines to help them reach this objective. Some of them may seem deceptively simple, but all of them are important as you either move your start-up into growth mode or strive to sustain your existing business. Below are some top entrepreneur tips from leading minds of business.

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6 Problem Solving Steps That Lead to Innovative Inventions

While some inventors experience a flash of inspiration during an “A-HA!” moment of creativity, problem solving is more technical and involves a process of working through six steps to find the perfect solution to your dilemma. The steps are flexible and may be adapted to fit various types of problems. You may not spend equal time on each step but each is equally important.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Thomas Jefferson Invented.