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Trivia Tuesday

What inventor, who lived in the 19th century, worked at a bookbindery as a child and read the books that he bound, educating him to become a famous scientist?  

DID YOU KNOW… the first places to get air conditioning after its invention were Madison Square Garden and the U.S. Senate and House chambers?

DID YOU KNOW…George Washinton Carver, inventor of peanut butter, invented more than 325 products out of peanuts?

DID YOU KNOW… Leonardo Da Vinci proposed an idea that was an early predecessor of the contact lens?

DID YOU KNOW…John-Joseph Merlin invented inline skates in 1760 to impress party-goes by rolling into the festivities while playing violin? He forgot to add any type of stopping mechanism and crashed, destroying his instrument. 

4 Things You Might Not Know about the Invention of the Piano

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