Which early U.S. president, who was also a statesman, inventor, and scholar, invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel?

DID YOU KNOW… fortune cookies were actually invented in San Francisco, not China, with whose cuisine they are typically affiliated? 

DID YOU KNOW… Edison electrocuted an elephant in 1903 to prove Tesla’s AC current was dangerous?

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Thank Goodness It’s Friday! 

4 Things You Might Not Know about Cameras

In 1907, Inventor, Salesman, and Janitor James Spengler combined a Soap Box, Pillow Case, a Fan, and Tape to invent what item you use in your Home?

And the answer is…a vacuum cleaner! Thanks for playing! Stop by next week for #TriviaTuesday! 

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ~Zig Zagler

Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!