6 Accidental Scientific Discoveries that Improved Medicine

Most inventors work hard to create and perfect their new products or ideas, going through one formulation after another to create something of lasting impact. For some, the invention of a lifetime is stumbled upon like a happy surprise. In the world of science and medicine, there have been a number of incredible and, in some cases, society-changing new products and cool inventions that were developed by happenstance. Below we take a look through the microscope at some of the most ingenious and life-saving medically inspired inventions.

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6 Inventions by Nikola Tesla, History’s Outcast Inventor

More than seventy years after his death, Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla is finally getting his due. He grew up in the area now known as Croatia with a mother who invented small household appliances. This may have spurred his interest in electrical systems and given rise to his own passion for innovation. Tesla immigrated to the United States in 1884 and soon began working with another inventor, Thomas Edison, before parting ways in less than amicable circumstances. While Edison was known as a powerful figure who focused on career advancement, Tesla was the awkward foreigner who simply wanted to invent. He was poor at self-marketing and had consistent trouble finding the money needed to finance his work.

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"Instinct is something that transcends knowledge." - #NikolaTesla #QuoteoftheDay

5 Cool New Gadgets You Need for Your Next Summer Barbecue

Happy 4th of July, America! It’s another great year celebrating with fireworks, outdoor activities and tasty cookout food. Here are a few cool new gadgets we think could be more than helpful to you during your weekend celebration or really any summer barbecue.

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A Short History of the July 4th Phenomena

As America celebrates another year of independence with fireworks displays across the nation, it is interesting to note that their original use was in New Year’s celebrations. Who invented fireworks and how did this colorful and explosive entertainment come into being?

Hint: It wasn’t America!

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Famous Inventions in History You Had All Wrong (PART 2)

So you thought Steve Jobs originally invented the Personal Computer? Well, YOU’RE WRONG!

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Tesla & the Innovation of Alternative Fuel Automobiles

After years of false starts that forced consumers to fit their needs to the alternative-fuel car, Tesla Motors has developed vehicles that finally allow the dog to wag the tail. Tesla wants to change the world, and they just may be able to do it. 

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6 Crowdfunding & Fundraising Ideas for the New Entrepreneur

Inventors wishing to self-manufacture and market their new products often find themselves in the position of needing an influx of cash to help fund their ventures. For these new entrepreneurs, funding a project used to mean soliciting friends, family, or local businesses, hat in hand, presenting your idea and hoping for a handout. With the growth of crowdfunding—current numbers estimate an industry growth rate of more than 92% in 2014–there are new ways to bankroll their projects. Are you unfamiliar with fundraising ideas such as this one? Then read on to learn more.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a popular worldwide social media and marketing strategy now used by entrepreneurs and small businesses. It allows motivated people with ideas to raise financing from Internet sources willing to donate towards the idea. What do they get in exchange?: A piece of the action through equity investment. Crowdfunding investors are putting down money in the hopes of getting something back in return for their investment.

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